Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool # 11

There are a number of tools that I will be using in the upcoming school year.  I will use a blog for each of my content areas.  I will use Wordle, Prezi, Wall Wisher, Google Docs, and I will also use the program that allows you to upload youtube videos to your destop and then to your blog.  I was very surprised at the versitility of several of the tools and I think the students will find them helpful as well.  If the student is not engaged then they are not retaining the necessary information.  Technology is a great way to keep them engaged in the learning and a very powerful ally if used properly.  The technology can also help with some synthesis peices that I think are essential to maintaining the level of rigor required for the 21st century learner.  As much as I did not want to participate in the 11 Tools program I did gain some useful tools for use in the classroom.  I feel almost as I did when I was a child and my parents made me commit to something "for my own good" and it really was for my own good in the end.  Thanks!

Tool # 10

I think that digital citizenship is a very important topic.  In the age of non face to face communication thinking before you type is one of the most important skills that a student can learn.  Cyber bullying and thoughtless comments can be very impactful to students, especially in an area like science when so many students are unsure of themselves to beign with.  Before we begin any on-line forums or use of technology I will have a discussion with students about the affects of their words asking them to have the discussion with very little leading or guiding.  I will also be confiming that they submitted their SBISD Acceptable Use foms before allowing them access to the technology.  If there is an issue with the student I will refer back to the SBISD policy and follow up with parent contact.  Teenagers will do what they are allowed to do, and until someone tells them that what they are doing is wrong they will continue to perform those behaviors that can be harmful to themselves and others.

Tool # 9

Objectives are important so that the students know what they are being help accountable for.  The technology is supposed to assist with the content objective, and informing the students of what they are accountable for before the use of technology is essential for learning.  One way of holding a student accountable if they are using an app is to have them write one thing that they learned, one thing that they alreay knew, and a question that they have.  I intend to implement lots of apps as well as using the camera so the students to make tutorials and having the students use wi-fi for simple concepts so that they can teach one another.

Tool # 8

I learned that the Net Books have web cams.  I knew that the iPads had cameras, but I didn't know that the Net Books did.  Another issue that I was not aware of is that the iPads are not compatable with Adobe, but the Net Books are.  I think these tools will compliment each other. 

As far as classroom management goes my plan is to have a written agreement with the students that the parents will also sign, included in the agreement will be the consequences for violating the rules.  My plan in implementing the devices is to use them in stations for information retrival, watching videos that I have preselected for the content as well as creating videos.

Tool # 6

I really like Wall Wisher and I think that I will use that to have the students comment on articles, collaborate on topic, etc.  I was thinking initailly that I would use this as collaboration at home, and then I remembered that I will have access to technology in my class room so we could use the collaboration as a station as well.  I really like the feature that allows the creator of the wall to view all posts before they are public.  There are so many applications for this program that I am excited about using it!

I will also be using a blog and google docs.  Last year I used my campus web page, but is was so tedious to keep updated.  With a blog I can update it quickly, upload videos, post links...wait that's what I'm doing with my 11 tools ;).

Tool # 5

I really liked the Wordle software.  I have the students make personal word walls in their notebooks, and I really like that this program takes my words and creates a really cool image.  With this program I can focus on content and not creativity.  While it's great to focus on creativity, there isn't always time.

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The other progam that I really like is Prezi.  I have used Prezi in the past for presentations for the students and by the students.  The kids really get a kick out of this program and they love how easy it is to use while still allowing them to be creative.

Tool # 4

I see Google Docs as an important program when more than one person is collaborating on a project but they are not all in the same place.  This could be used for class projects, team planning, inner district innitatives, and even collaboration across the country!